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Don’t know where to start?

Attend one of our Bi-Weekly Home Buyer Caravans. We take a small group of people out to view 4 or 5 homes. Why sit in a boring class room and learn when we can go view some homes! During our Caravan we will teach you the top 10 most important things you need to know about purchasing your First Home.

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  1. Is it better to Buy than Rent
  2. Purchase Process overview: from viewing homes to taking possession.
  3. Different Property Types: Detached, Attached, Condo – what makes sense for you
  4. Secondary Suites: What is the difference between Legal and Illegal suites
  5. Land Zoning: How does this affect your property value
  6. Which area’s of Calgary appreciate the most – Location! Location! Location!
  7. What is the best time of the year to purchase
  8. How to choose your Lawyer, Banker, Home Inspector and Realtor
  9. How to get Financed: how and why to get Pre-Approval.
  10. Most common problems Home Inspectors find while inspecting homes.
  11. What about Asbestos, Aluminum Wiring and Poly B Piping

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