Ten Favorite Features of My Home

Ten Favorite Features of My Home


In order to help us do the best job finding potential buyers for your home, your real estate professionals require a little homework from you.  Below, you’ll find a worksheet where you can list your ten favorite features of your home.  This list enables us to describe the great things about your house, helping us to match you with the perfect buyer; someone who will love your home as much as you do!

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Features of my Home


Do you love the way the sun shines into your kitchen in the morning?  Do you enjoy having a garage which can fit the car and still have room for the workshop tools?  Maybe you have the best back yard on the block?  What ever you think are the greatest features, record them here and provide them to your realtor.  These features will entice buyers to look at your home and possibly envision it as their own.  Be as descriptive as possible; we will do the necessary editing to ensure it appeals to the widest possible audience of home buyers in the market.


10 Favorite Features of My Home

Let us know what makes your home special



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You know your home better than anyone!


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