Home Buying 101

This is a Quick High Level reference guide to the important items you need to consider when you are purchasing a property, either to occupy or to use as an investment.

First of all we recommend downloading and reading the Following Documents

Step 1 Home Buyers Check List Download Here Review the Preparation Section
Step 2 Home Features Check List Download Here Determine home style you are looking for
Step 3 Discuss Financing with Lender Link to Lenders Determine Purchase Price
Step 4 Some older properties may contain Materials that are No Longer used in current Construction Practices. Review these materials to Determine if you are ok purchasing a home with them
Step 4 A  Aluminum Wiring Link for Details Should you purchase a home with Aluminum Wire
Step 4 B Plumbing -Poly B, Galvanized Link for Details This type of plumbing has Leaked in the past
Step 4 C Vermiculite (Asbestos) Link for Details Research Attic Asbestos
Step 4 D Asbestos Siding Link for Details Review Siding Asbestos
Step 4 E Asbestos Flooring Link for Details Review Flooring Asbestos
Step 4 F Illegal Basement Suites Link for Details Many Suites in Calgary are not Legal
Step 5 Define your search Criteria Let our team know the type of home you are looking for. We will start e-mailing you listings, and we can start selecting and viewing properties