Home Buyers Kit

Home Buyers Kit

 Reference Guide For New Home Owners


This informational package has been created to educate you on the steps toward home ownership. Please read all sections and ask any questions that you might have.

Home Buyers Kit | First Time Home Buyer Calgary
Home Buyers Kit | First Time Home Buyer Calgary


The Buyers Check List.                Your check list of important dates in the buying process.

Steps to Home Ownership.         The Buying Process detailed step by step

How will My Realtor® Represent My Interests.  Details on how we can best help you find a home.

Agency Disclosure Form             Details on how your Realtor® represents your best interests. You will have to read and sign this form.

Meet the Team.                               Details on our team of professionals.

Neighborhood Map of Calgary   Map of the real estate districts in Calgary

Calgary District List                       List of the real estate districts in Calgary

Detailed Financing Information Details on questions the lender will ask

Sample Purchase Contract         Review this contract and ask us any questions before we write an offer on your new home.

Typical Legal Fees.                       This out lines the typical fees that a lawyer should charge for processing the purchase of your home.

Potential Buyers Costs.               How much could it cost me to purchase my home.

The Real Property Report.           Answers: What is a Real Property Report?

Title Insurance.                               Explains the details about Title Insurance.

Recommended Suppliers List    Vendors we have used in the past that have done a good job for our clients.

Calling Check List.                         Phone list of people to inform your moving

Tax Installment Payment Plan    City of Calgary tax payment plan

Glossary of Real Estate Terms   Explanation of important real estate terms

 Non-Conforming Suites               Legal ramifications of purchasing a home with a basement suite.

Contacting Glen                             The best ways to contact Glen

Why Hire Glen Godlonton            10 Reasons why you should hire Glen to help you purchase your home


If there is any additional information you would like to see in this kit, please let us know so we may add it for the benefit of future customers. Please use this presentation folder to keep track of all the important documents that I provide as we search for your home. It is also a great place to keep track of all offers and contracts when we purchase your home.

To download helpful guides and forms, visit:  //firsttimehomebuyercalgary.com/packages-for-available-for-download



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