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The City of Airdrie is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada with 49,560 people located 10 minutes north of Calgary. With a wide range of housing options available in both new and established neighbourhoods, people are discovering that Airdrie offers a small town lifestyle with big city amenities.

Quick facts about Airdrie

  • Location: Calgary-Edmonton Corridor (Queen Elizabeth II Highway-Provincial Highway 2) 32 kilometres north of the city of Calgary (city centre)
  • Elevation: 1,089 m (3,573 ft)
  • Population: 54,891 (2014 Civic census)
  • Size: 84.25 sq km
  • Local economy: Local and regional retail, construction, manufacturing and professional services




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Why some people prefer Airdrie Homes and Condos

Living large in a small town

Every day, more and more people are moving up to Airdrie (50,000 and growing). While each has
their own reasons, here’s what we hear most often when we ask people why they chose Airdrie.

Seeking a better quality of life

Enjoy small town life while giving up none of the big city amenities.

Need a bigger house

Your money goes further here giving you the home you want – and the life you want –  sooner
than you thought possible.

Looking for a better place to raise my family

A recent Citizen Satisfaction Survey in Airdrie showed that 96% of respondents rate the quality
of life as ‘good to very good,’ and 100% of people feel safe to walk alone in their neighbourhood.

Freedom of the wide open spaces

The sky is big, the land is bold and life is good.

Lower taxes

One of Alberta’s lowest property tax brackets – and no business tax – is very appealing.

Tired of the rat race

Instead of struggling to keep up in Calgary, leapfrog ahead in Airdrie.


Airdrie Alberta has become one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and is considered by many to be the ideal place to raise a family.  We’ve been building in Airdrie for more than 10 years, and like its residents, we love the many amenities this ever-changing city has to offer.  After chatting with our employees and homeowners we have come up with our top five reasons to live in Airdrie Alberta.

Airdrie residents feel safe and are happy with their community according to a March 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.  Results from the poll showed that 96% of respondents rate the quality of life as ‘good to very good,’ and 100% of people feel safe to walk alone in their neighbourhood.  Having one of Alberta’s lowest property tax brackets also helps to draw young families and businesses to the area.  The City of Airdrie does not collect a business tax rate, which is a huge benefit for the business community.  Current statistics show that about 1,000 out of the more than 1,800 businesses in Airdrie are home-based, and now larger national and international corporations are opening offices and creating jobs here as well.

In a recent interview with the Canadian Business Journal, the City of Aidrie’s Economic Development Team Leader, Kent Rupert, communicated the City’s commitment to recreation.  80 kilometres of paved pathways connect beautifully landscaped parks, green space and ponds, and eventually these trails will extend across the entire city.  In addition to skateboard parks, playgrounds, waterparks, baseball diamonds and soccer fields, families can enjoy the fitness centre, gymnastics program and indoor soccer fields, track, skating rinks and 25-metre pool at the state-of-the art Genesis Place.  Airdrie’s minor league hockey and BMX program are also exceptional. Click here to see our interactive Airdrie amenity map.

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Even though Airdrie has welcomed many big-box convenience stores, including Costco, WalMart and Superstore the city also maintains a thriving small business community made up of mom-and pop shops and family run restaurants.  This blend of storefronts provides residents with an ample selection of family friendly services and amenities.  Alberta’s largest one-level shopping mall, CrossIron Mills, is also just a 10-minute drive from Airdrie in neighbouring Balzac.  The mega mall has over 200 stores and restaurants, 7-Screen SilverCity movie theatre, and Xscape Entertainment Centre featuring more than 80 video games.
Airdrie’s location provides residents with easy access to some of Alberta’s best attractions.  Only a 20-minute highway drive from Calgary, Airdrie is a natural choice for families who work in the city.  Weekend jaunts to the Calgary Zoo, Prince Island Park and Telus World of Science are great activities for the kids, while Calgary’s burgeoning foodie scene provides the perfect excuse for a date night.  Canmore, Alberta’s all season playground, is a mere 1 hour and 15 minute drive from Airdrie, which works well for both day ski-trips and weekend getaways throughout the year.  Of course if your craving a little more excitement Calgary’s International Airport offers infinite travel possibilities and is a short 15-minute drive away.

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Within the last 10 years Airdrie’s population has doubled in size.  This growth has fuelled the development of several quality master-planned communities that are built with the needs of families in mind.  In Airdrie it is possible to buy your dream home – at an affordable price point and surrounded first class amenities such as walking trails, children’s playgrounds, new schools, parks, ponds and playfields.  As an example, in our Williamstown community, our detached single-family 3-bedroom homes, with fenced back yards, start at the low $300s, and our Townhomes are priced in the low $200s.

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